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Gemeinsam unabhängig mit MEP

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  1. To the management. Maintenance Head of IT Business Management. Materials Management. Production Manager. Sales management.

    Dear Ladys and Gentlemen,

    Peter Bischoffberger Google+. Energy cost savings 90%. Shopping Cost savings 50%.

    Peter Bischoffberger Google +. The Federal Railroad I have supplied since 1974 without agreement for 400 maintenance works frame until the successor company DB AG was founded. Over a former CEO I have received a framework contract. Details are available in a personal interview, in my Büro. compressors emergency hotline daily from 7 am to 24 clock clock +49 (0) 16,096,853,390th

    Peter Bischoffberger.Google +. Database internationally IBM AS 400 + PC + Number Finder for materials management with industry 2103475 records ,. 300 merchandise product groups. For 600 international Manufactures and suppliers. Brochure 8 - pages. IBM AS 400 database focuses on DB2, Oracle, Access SAP R / 3 consulting and customizing, in all standard modules. Basic care and ABAP programming. Among others in the energy sector IS-U, CRM. Data Warehouse. Our fields of competence include the relevant IT architectures, tools and process models. IBM host systems (OS / 390, AS / 400, ...) languages ​​with the current programming. Intranet-based applications. Object-oriented development. 4 GL programming, usw.Monitoren client-server techniques based on Microsoft. Various Unix derivatives and other. Internet.-

    Peter Bischoffberger Google+. The specific efficiency of the double-acting piston compressor is up to today's day still besser.und the after 41 years of market introduction of the screws Kompressores. , The advantage of oil-injected screw compressor is the air cooling and 100% duty cycle in 3-shift operation with approximately 170,000 kcal Wärmerückgewinnrng. The cooling water - + d cooling tower costs account
    also in the air cooling.

    Peter Bischoffberger Google compressor elements from 1974 USA 10 types Sullair. 12. 16. 20. After establishing Sullair FRG Geretsried. GHH GHH single and two stage types SF .... Compressor blocks. For German and international manufacturers screw compressors. Nameplate data are the bottom of the compressor block. Please read with a mirror.

    Peter Bischoffberger Google+. Airend license from the GHH types SF ... .baugleich only with another oil injection M ... for Mannesmann Demag DLT - Compair - Gardner Denver designation NK ....

    Peter Bischoffberger Google+. All German Compressors manufacturers from A to Z service station and workshop compressors respect your compressor elements in Aerzen. GHH, except more of the Tamrock compressors began. Bauer - Rotorcomp modules.
    Kaeser developed his later SIGMA Profile. Boge has 2014 own production levels. Peter Google+.
    Pictures to Peter Bischoffberger. Aggregate - Airends - Compressor - Blocks - items ..

    Peter Bischoffberger Google+. Prices valid. •