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Wirtschaftlichkeitsberechnung Kompressoren: All About People - Peter Bischoffberger: Bilder, P...

Wirtschaftlichkeitsberechnung Kompressoren: All About People - Peter Bischoffberger: Bilder, P...: All About People - Peter Bischoffberger: Bilder, Profil, Dokumente auf AllAboutPeople.at

To the management. Maintenance Head of IT Business Management. Materials Management. Production Manager. Sales management.
Dear Ladys and Gentlemen,
Peter Bischoffberger Google+. Energy cost savings 90%. 
Shopping Cost savings 50%.
Peter Bischoffberger Google+. From 2016 we can cost reasons only occasionally exports 10.000.00 offering. Please provide us with your annual demand for industrial supplies with spare parts numbers and machine numbers Year techhischen all information from the nameplate on. We then create a free quote. 
The we offer prices are valid for 1 calendar year, factory + packaging.Technical inquiries, please contact our exchange compressors hotline around the clock hotline +49 (0) 16,096,853,390thFax +49 (0) 233573121st
Peter Bischoffberger Formula 1974 WT - Heat transmitter energy savings in oil-injected screw compressors.
peter Bischoffberger formula 1974th google +. PDF heat balance Sankey diagram; 
Caloric equation of the screw compressor is: Q = kW x 860 = ... Mole x CPOL x + tol ml x Cpl x tl.
Peter Bischoffberger Google+. The total energy conversion can very clearly in Sankey - are represented diagram Refer www.kompressor-filter.de. , The thermal and mechanical efficiency losses supplied to the area of ​​the overall performance. This area is completely converted into heat. The paneled air-cooled screw compressor system performs this heat from 100% at the exhaust port. 
The engine heat is here additionally.
Peter Bischoffberger selling IBM AS 400 database and all Internet activity records per 12/13/2015 2,215,551. 300 Industrial supplies Groups of goods of about 600 international Zulieferffirmen. ca.350 Diaa. 
Industry photos at Peter Bischoffberger Google+ ect.
www.kompressor-filter.de 3 Languages: German. English. 
http://www.kompressor-ersatzteile.de. www.kompressor-ersatzteile.de. 2 Languages: German. 
Peter Bischoffberger Google +. Exchange compressors emergency service for Atlas Copco to Zwickau Maschinenfabrik Borsig Schraubenkonpressoren Sachsenring. 2,115 Comments YouTube: My Slideshow Peter. Peter Bischoffberger. 
Peter Google+.
www.kompressor-filter.de. Peter Bischoffberger Formula 1974 Sankey diagram for oil-injected screw compressors, air-cooled with heat recovery reference Ate brake, with a motor - driving power of 110 kW. 300 people can take a shower or a 3 family house to be heated or the return temperature of low-pressure heating are combined with increases. Since the Fa. Ate brake in your 8000 m long compressed air network, pressure losses of 5 ü had cash, by eliminating the air leakage, the pressure losses were leveled. The 8 production halls were given a GHH Sullair screw compressor with 110 kW engine. 8 halls could throughout the year with about 90.00 Kcal. be heated. A elekrtonische flap control made in the summer for the heat was blown into the open.
Screw compressors only had a working pressure of 7.5 bar. Due to the reduction in pressure and no cooling tower water saved the customer 30% on energy costs.
Peter Bischoffberger Google+. Compressed air leakage losses of 1 bar, ca .. cost 10% more energy. Heat recovery and profitability calculations of e Peter Bischoffberger Google nzelnen compressor sytems please ask under Peter-bischoffberger@tonline.de. 
, at.
Peter Bischoffberger Google+. 
I was with over 32 year, my sole proprietorship compressed air central Teichmann owner Peter Bischoffberger and Sotras Filter Base Germany, operates in the full-service facilities:
Peter Bischoffberger Google+. Industrial Filters - Compressors: aggregates, Airends. Airends. Compressor elements in exchange. Overhauls, with components from A to Z. Compressors Filter Kits. Cooler modules from 2.2 kW to 8000 kW (Aida ships. Caterpillar. Locomotives, compressors, etc.) Individual production according to samples or drawings. Radiator network renewal of Atlas Copco to Zwickau Maschinenfabrik Borsig Sachsenring. Container compressed air stations (for Rheinbraun through GHH). 
Compressed air technology from A to Z.Peter Bischoffberger Google ,. Conditioning Service. Ate brake, motorway maintenance. BBC. Railways Railways + followers DB AG. Benteler works. Bund. Bundeswehr .Continental - Uniroyal. Compressed air container construction (Rheinbraun through GHH). Compressed air technology from A to Z. utilities and nuclear power plants - drywell testing and leak rate test of a 36 m diameter pressure vessel with locks (Thyssen Industrie front Klönne and Jucho.). - Elektromark. EnBW. Eon. Noell. RWE.Siemens - KWU. Vattenfall. Hella. Karmann - VW. Municipalities. Industry from A to Z. Marine - U Boats. Schering. Stadtwerke.Wacker. Zwickau Maschinenfabrik Sachsenring Borsig and other 1680 SME Customers References You can in my office einsehen.Facility management company led for my company at SME customers throughout Germany and Switzerland, with authorized, qualified compressed air professionals, the full-service, on all compressor brands by , In barter deal I received an Rahmenverbereinbarung, on the supply of compressed air technology from A to Z and the overhaul of all compressor manufacturers, in my maintenance work in 58300 Wetter Ruhr. These customers I have supplied more than 32 years of industry demand, in original manufacturer - OEM quality, since all international manufacturers have a low level of vertical integration and the accompanying components. Aggregates. C - parts. Cooler modules. MRO - goods. Valves for the hydraulic air - oil - pneumatic circuit. Compressor elements. and others to buy more in the supply industry.
Peter Bischoffberger Google+. Because an IBM AS 400 in an article master of eg 100,000 records no Ersatzleile number can be created twice, this database is 100% secure. From Germany's largest tire manufacturer I received from the Board a framework agreement for 7 German works. 
Since I have stuck with my whole fortune as a sole proprietorship.
Peter Bischoffberger Google +. The Federal Railroad I have supplied since 1974 without agreement for 400 maintenance works frame until the successor company DB AG was founded. Over a former CEO I have received a framework contract. 
Details are available in a personal interview, in my Büro. compressors emergency hotline daily from 7 am to 24 clock clock +49 (0) 16,096,853,390th
Peter Bischoffberger.Google +. Database internationally IBM AS 400 + PC + Number Finder for materials management with industry 2103475 records ,. 300 merchandise product groups. For 600 international Manufactures and suppliers. Brochure 8 - pages. IBM AS 400 database focuses on DB2, Oracle, Access SAP R / 3 consulting and customizing, in all standard modules.Basic care and ABAP programming. Among others in the energy sector IS-U, CRM. Data Warehouse. Our fields of competence include the relevant IT architectures, tools and process models. IBM host systems (OS / 390, AS / 400, ...) languages ​​with the current programming. Intranet-based applications. Object-oriented development. 4 GL programming, usw.Monitoren client-server techniques based on Microsoft. Various Unix derivatives and other. 
Peter Bischoffberger Google+. The specific efficiency of the double-acting piston compressor is up to today's day still besser.und the after 41 years of market introduction of the screws Kompressores. , The advantage of oil-injected screw compressor is the air cooling and 100% duty cycle in 3-shift operation with approximately 170,000 kcal Wärmerückgewinnrng.
The cooling water - + d cooling tower costs accountalso in the air cooling.
Mannesmann Demag DLT.- FMA POKORNY piston compressor type ZL330. 
33.0m3 / min .7.0bar.200Kw ... .IP23..17.028.000 m3 / a.Double acting.
Mannesmann Demag DLT - FMA POKORNY screw 1 - stage Typ.SE350..30.0m3 / min ... 7.0bar.200 KW..IP54..15.480.000 m3 / a. Mannesmann Demag DLT - FMA POKORNY Schraube2 - stage Typ.SZ351..32.0m3 / min ... 7.0bar200 Kw .... IP54..16.512.000 m3 / a. Demag Wittig -Rotationskompressor ........................ 1 -stage .. Type O350..30.0m3 / min ... 7.0bar.200 Kw ... IP55..15.996.000 m3 / a. Peter Bischoffberger Google compressor elements from 1974 USA 10 types Sullair. 12. 16. 20. After establishing Sullair FRG Geretsried. GHH GHH single and two stage types SF .... Compressor blocks. For German and international manufacturers screw compressors. Nameplate data are the bottom of the compressor block. Please read with a mirror. Peter Bischoffberger Google+. Airend license from the GHH types SF ... .baugleich only with another oil injection M ... for Mannesmann Demag DLT - Compair - Gardner Denver designation NK .... Peter Bischoffberger Google+. All German Compressors manufacturers from A to Z service station and workshop compressors respect your compressor elements in Aerzen. GHH, except more of the Tamrock compressors began. Bauer - Rotorcomp modules.Kaeser developed his later SIGMA Profile. Boge has 2014 own production levels.
Peter Google+.Pictures to Peter Bischoffberger. Aggregate - Airends - Compressor - Blocks - items ..
Peter Bischoffberger Google+. 
http://www.kompressor-ersatzteile.de/files/atlas_copco_ast_07_08.pdf.http://www.kompressor-ersatzteile.de/files/alup_preisliste_07.pdf. Prices valid. http://www.kompressor-ersatzteile.de/files/boge_ast_2008_1.pdf.http://www.kompressor-ersatzteile.de/files/ingersoll_rand_ast_07_08.pdf.http://www.kompressor-ersatzteile.de/files/kaeser_ast_07_08.pdf.http://www.kompressor-ersatzteile.de/files/compair_demag_ast_07_08.pdf.www.kompressor-ersatzteile.de/files/mann_ast_07_08.pdf.www.kompressor-ersatzteile.de/files/crossreferenzliste_datenbank_katalog_prospekt.pdf.
Yours sincerely Peter Bischoffberger Google+. 

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