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Google Übersetzer

Google Übersetzer

Unsen entire IBM AS400, see Industrial supplies catalog on the Internet with 2,571.616 records and more than 300 industrial companies product groups for equipment manufacturers and their suppliers:
At the Management Ladies and Gentlemen, Peter Bischoffberger Google+. If you wish to participate in the industrial exhibition as exhibitor at with your industrial products please log in with my partner for Iran: Mr Bahmann Roohi Comercial Manager at: + 49 15205467805 Bischoffberger Fax + 49 4028095891 or with me Peter Senior Manager Drucklufttechik - industrial filter technology, Peter BRD. EUROPA Compressor Sales and worldwide. Peter Google+ replacement compressors, industrial coolers modules from 2.2 kW to 8,000 Kw Individual production gemäß to samples or drawings. Replace radiator network and new. Peter Bischoffberger Google+ refrigeration systems for all International Manufacturers Atlas Copco to Zwickau Maschinenfabrik Borsig Sachsenring Peter Bischoffberger Google+ Peter Bischoffberger air compressors. Overhaul, the maintenance facility in Germany D 58300 Wetter Ruhr 4 Esborn Albringhausen Ennepetal Nordrhein Westfalen: Peter Bischoffberger / post in OEM quality. in OEM quality. in OEM quality. Peter Bischoffberger Google+ References 1680 international customers on request by mail: Sincerely Peter Google+. Peter Bischoffberger Google+. Peter Bischoffberger. Phone: + 49Uhr16096853390. Fax + 49Uhr233573121. Peter Bischoffberger Google+ IRAN partners, Bahmann Roohi, 5 languages: .Telephone + 49Uhr15205467805. Fax + 49Uhr4028095891. International in the whole world for EUROPA COMPRESSORS SERVICE BRD. Yours sincerely Peter Bischoffberger Senior General Manager Peter Bischoffberger Google+ Europe Compressors Service, worldwide. Iran. world Bahmann Roohi Comercial Manager.
Peter Bischoffberger Google+. The specific efficiency bi-acting piston compressor is up to today's day still besser.und the after 41 years of market introduction of the screws Kompressores. , The advantage of oil-injected screw compressor is the air cooling and 100% duty cycle in 3-shift operation with approximately 170,000 kcal Wärmerückgewinnrng. The cooling water - + cooling tower costs are also eliminated in the air cooling.

Mannesmann Demag DLT.- FMA POKORNY Piston compressor double wirkend.Typ ZL330. ...............33.0m3 / Min .7.0bar.200Kw ... .IP23 ... 17.028 million m3 / a.

Mannesmann Demag DLT - FMA POKORNY screw 1 - stage compressor element Typ.SE350.GHH .... 30.0m3 / min .7.0bar.200 Kw .... IP54 ... 15.48 million m3 / a.

Mannesmann Demag DLT - FMA POKORNY Schraube2 - stage Typ.SZ351.GHH compressor element . 32.0m3 / min..7.0bar.200 Kw .... IP54 ... 16.512 million m3 / a.

Demag Wittig -Rotationskompressor 1 -stage .. .......................... Type O350 ............. ..........................30.0m3 / min..7.0bar.200 Kw .... IP55 .... 15.996 million m3 / a.

Peter Bischoffberger Google compressor elements from 1974 USA 10 types Sullair. 12. 16. 20. After establishing Sullair FRG Geretsried. GHH GHH single and two stage types SF .... Compressor blocks. For German and international manufacturers screw compressors. Nameplate data are the bottom of the compressor block. Please read with a mirror.

Peter Bischoffberger Google+. Airend license from the GHH types SF ... .baugleich only with another oil injection M ... for Mannesmann Demag DLT - Compair - Gardner Denver designation NK ....

Peter Bischoffberger Google+. All German Compressors manufacturers from A to Z service station and workshop compressors respect your compressor elements in Aerzen. GHH, except more of the Tamrock compressors began. Bauer - Rotorcomp modules.

Kaeser developed his later SIGMA Profile. Boge has its own stage production licenses since 2014th
Pictures to Peter Bischoffberger. Aggregate - Airends - Compressor - Blocks - items ..

Yours sincerely Peter Google+.

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