Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016

Peter Google+ Peter Bischoffberger Google+ Peter Bischoffberger

At the Management Ladies and Gentlemen, Peter Bischoffberger Google+. If you wish to participate in the industrial exhibition as an exhibitor with your industrial products please log in with my partner for Iran: Mr Bahmann Roohi Comercial Manager at: + 49 15205467805 Fax + 49 4028095891 or with me Peter Bischoffberger Senior Manager Drucklufttechik - industrial filter technology, Peter BRD. EUROPA Compressor Sales and worldwide. Peter Google+ replacement compressors, industrial coolers modules from 2.2 kW to 8,000 Kw Individual production according to samples or drawings. Replace radiator network and new. Peter Bischoffberger Google+ refrigeration systems for all International Manufacturers Atlas Copco to Zwickau Maschinenfabrik Borsig Sachsenring Peter Bischoffberger Google+ Peter Bischoffberger air compressors. Overhaul, the maintenance facility in Germany D 58300 Wetter Ruhr 4 Esborn Albringhausen Ennepetal Nordrhein Westfalen: Peter Bischoffberger / post in OEM quality. in OEM quality. in OEM quality. Peter Bischoffberger Google+ References 1680 international customers on request by mail: Sincerely Peter Google+. Peter Bischoffberger Google+. Peter Bischoffberger. Phone: + 49Uhr16096853390. Fax + 49Uhr233573121. Peter Bischoffberger Google+ IRAN partners, Bahmann Roohi, 5 languages: .Telephone + 49Uhr15205467805. Fax + 49Uhr4028095891. International in the whole world for EUROPA KOMPRESSOREN SERVICE BRD. Yours sincerely Peter Bischoffberger Senior General Manager Peter Bischoffberger Google+ Europe Compressors Service, worldwide. Iran. world Bahmann Roohi Comercial Manager.

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