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Peter Bischoffberger. References Ate brake. Continental 7
works. German Bahn AG 400 works. ThyssenKrupp 40 works.

Cost savings in energy
costs up to 90%, material costs up to 50%. at the conclusion of a framework

 Dear Ladys and Gentlemen,

To the Executive
Committee. Managing. Maintenance. Marketing. Materials Management. Production.

Compressed air
technology from A to Z from a single source saves processing costs. Equipment
Europe compressors full service throughout Germany, Europe, worldwide.
Overhauls. Compressors elements. Engines. Energy cost savings up to 90%.
Material costs up to 50% for aggregates. Railway - Locomotives - C - parts.
Spare Parts Kits. Industrial filter kits, components from A to Z, MRO goods,
heat recovery. Profitability calculations of the various compressor systems.

Database IBM AS 5400
with 2,071,095 records, 300 merchandise product groups of 600 international
manufacturers + suppliers for plant and mechanical engineering, transport

Europe compressors full
service. Exchange compressors emergency for all refrigeration systems +
compressors manufacturers. Hotline daily 11-22 clock 016,096,853,390th
Internet: Peter Bischoffberger.
Peter Bischoffberger Google+.

peter Bischoffberger.
google +. PDF heat balance Sankey diagram; Caloric equation of the screw
compressor is: Q = kW x 860 = ... Mole x CPOL x + tol ml x Cpl x tl

Ate brake. Energy cost
consulting compressors operating pressure of 10 barg to 7.5 barg by
decentralized structure of the 8 x 132 kW Sullair - GHH screw compressors with
8 Sabroe refrigeration dryer. Leakage measurements + remedy, lowered by
nomogram calculations pressure losses.
heat recovery 1 Sullair GHH
screw compressor with a drive power of 110 kW generated by a heat transmitter
ca.90.000 kcal.

Bundesbahn - German Railways AG. Locomotives
profitability calculation engine filter made from cellulose or synthetic
material. Bayer AG, Battenfeld about Thyssen Industrie Project Egypt Air system
with components + galvanized compressed air pipes made in the factory weather
by pipeline plans with bill of materials for on-site installation.), BASF, BBC
Switzerland KKL Leibstadt AG, Benteler AG (11 works), Bergbau AG Ruhr coal,
Buderus, Bundesbahn - German Railways AG for approximately 1,000 compressors of
all brands of Atlas Copco to Zwickau Maschinenfabrik Borsig Sachsenring.
Overhauls in Germany + Switzerland + Spare Parts Kits Filter Kits + Components
+ + New radiator repair services in the offsetting transaction, DB AG has
performed compressors service throughout the FRG. ), Bundeswehr, Clark
compressed air station, 150 workbenches with C rails 5 pneumatic tools +
Balancer 7,000m compressed air line DN 100 PN 10 laid with 0.3 bar pressure
loss), Coca Cola 150 diaphragm compressors. Continental 7 works
Compressed air technology Full Service,
Uniroyal, Degussa Wolfgang, German Bahn AG for 400 service stations in Germany,
Switzerland, with around 1,000 industrial compressors
Compressed air technology full service),
EnBW, Elektromark, EON, FAG ball Fischer Hall Künsebeck, Hella KG, Huls AG ,
Karmann, Knorr Bremse, Mannesmann Demag DLT. Marine, Melitta, Rheinbraun AG,
RWE, Siemens KWU NPP leak rate tests - Pressure test, Steag AG, Ruhr
University, Siemens AG, Thyssen Industrie export order for Egypt on Battenfeld
+40 Steelworks Germany, Vattenfall, Viessmann, VDO, Wacker Chemie. u.v.a.m.

peter Bischoffberger
google +. Consulting
 Compressed air technology, air leakage
measurements + Remedy 1 bar pressure drop will cost you about 10% of energy
costs. 10 mm hole costs per
jear an costs 380,000 kWh = € 38,000 lt.
Bavarian State Office for Environmental Protection. Base 8000 Bh / a. 7 bar.und
0.10 Euro per kWh.
industrial filter kits. Spare Parts Service Kits. , Major
overhaul of all compressors manufacturers from A to Z. components (aggregates,
radiator modules to 8000 Kw
individual production according to sample or
drawing. Motors.). Framework agreements, heat recovery, profitability
calculations. Accessories from A to Z.

peter Bischoffberger
google +. In addition to our nationwide on-site service, we offer the complete
overhaul of Centac turbo compressors, chillers, compressors piston and screw
compressors from 2.2 Kw to 1000 Kw with all components of Atlas Copco to
Zwickau Maschinenfabrik Sachsenring Borsig with authorized, qualified
compressed air professionals with compressed air technology accessories,
hydraulic, spare parts, industrial filters, cooler modules to 8000 Kw
Individual production according to sample or drawing, pneumatics, vacuum
technology in original equipment manufacturer - OEM Quality on.

Full service facilities
to 1,000 kW drive power with MOT preparation for compressed air tanks, for all
industrial compressors brands of Atlas Copco compressors to Zwickau
Maschinenfabrik Borsig compressors Sachsenring.

With authorized,
qualified compressed air specialists in Germany. Europe, worldwide. Compressors
spare parts kits in OEM - OEM quality.;postID=4190458560681903775,

 Yours sincerely Peter Bischoffberger Google+.

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